MENTIONS: N° of posts mentioning the keyword in analysis (i.e brands, products,…)  + N° of comments to these posts that also match the keywords in analysis themselves.

MENTIONS PER DAY: Daily average of mentions based on N° of days selected by calendar.

TOTAL MESSAGES:  N° of posts mentioning the keywords in analysis (i.e brands, products,…) written in the analysis period + N° of all the comments to these posts (in any date). Not all comments would be available to read in the Blogmeter Suite (for example, Instagram APIs do not enable comments download).

ENGAGEMENT: Sum of all the user interactions on single posts, including comments. It is based on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, News and Blogs.

It is based on:

  • Facebook: sum of shares, likes, comments and reactions
  • Twitter: sum of likes and retweets
  • Instagram: sum of likes and comments
  • YouTube: sum of likes, dislikes, comments and views
  • Google+: sum of likes and comments (soon to be deprecated due to Google+ shutting down)
  • News: comments to articles
  • Blogs: comments to posts

Please note that, due to Instagram API changes, for Instagram data the metrics shown are based on organic likes and comments only.


SENTIMENT OPINIONS: N° of sentiment opinions (positive, negative, questions) tracked in posts and relevant comments. Neutral are optional.

SOURCES: N° of web sources and social media where at least one relevant post has been found. Facebook, Twitter, Tripadvisor: these are all sources.

IMPRESSIONS: Potential audience of a brand or topic, calculated as the sum of the followers of the publisher of at least one post. It is based on Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram and YouTube.

BM RANK (BMR): Proprietary rank ranging from 1 to 10 and indicating the significance of a source (where 1 is the least significant and 10 is the most significant).

The rank is calculated as follows:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Youtube: The rank is assigned according to the number of fans/follower/ subscriber, and takes into account changes in their number over time
Other sources (blogs, news, forums, reviews): MozRank ( )
Comments will always have BMR equal to 1

TERMS & HASHTAG CLOUD: Cloud of most frequent terms & hashtags. Thanks to the Blogmeter semantic engine only noteworthy terms will be shown.

TOP AUTHORS: Most engaging authors on a specific subject and time frame.

MOST DISCUSSED THREADS: List of the longest social conversations, based on Total Messages.



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