If you thought that the wedding of the year was the one between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, you were wrong! The real Royal Wedding 2018 was celebrated in Noto, Sicily, on Saturday, September 1. We are talking about #TheFerragnez Wedding, an event that involved more than 30K unique authors, who pubblished over 117K content with #TheFerragnez hashtag, during the three days party (from August 31 to September 2).

About the engagement, the numbers are much more impressive: 34 million of interactions recorded in the analysis period: 96% of them coming just from Instagram. But the real social surprise was Twitter, on which were pubblished most of the original posts with the hashtag #TheFerragnez: over 94K, more than 80% of the total posts!

But let’s talk about the real stars of the “Italian Royal Wedding”: Chiara Ferragni and Federico Lucia, aka Fedez.

The fashion influencer has enchanted everyone with a beautiful dress designed by Dior for the ceremony and a more “casual” dress, by the same fashion house, for the wedding dinner, whose pic on Instagram collected over 2 million likes. But the Ferragni’s Instagram post that gained more social appreciation was the one showing the romantic kiss on the altar: 2.8 million likes and over 44K comments!

Yes I do, forever

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Fedez, with the same photo of the kiss, collected 1.5 million likes, while the family portrait with his wife and little son, Leone, received over 1.4 million likes: a real record for the rapper!

Noi ❤️

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Anyway, the newlyweds did not lack followers with whom to share this special day: 14.5 million for her and 6.5 million for him, for a total of over 21 million followers just on Instagram. But how much did the respective “social net worth” grow on the wedding weekend? Based on an analysis carried out with Blogmeter Social Suite, between August 31 to September 2, Chiara Ferragni earned almost 440K followers, while Fedez 225K.

I cry everytime I see this Wedding of my dreams @fedez

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But, excluding the braid and the groom, who was the most prolific guest (in terms of post) during the three days of celebrations? According to the data the mother of the bride and novel writer, Marina di Guardo, published 21 posts with the official hashtag #TheFerragnez, for a total engagement of 620K!

We can’t not mention some of the brands involved in the most social wedding of the year: Dior, who dressed the bride (and the son), has gained 2 million interactions on Instagram in the weekend of the wedding, while Alberta Ferretti, which designed the bridesmaids’ dresses, has collected an Instagram engagement of 500K.

Other famous brand which “joined” the wedding were Versace and Diesel, which dressed the groom, Prada, Lancôme, Trudi and obviously Alitalia, with his reserved flight (with a private gate branded “The Ferragnez”) only for the wedding guests!

Il viaggio può cominciare. Quando torno sarò sposato! ✈️❤️ #TheFerragnez #Adv

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