Blogmeter, the social media intelligence company, announces the integration of anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data into its social listening and analytics platform thanks to a collaboration with DataSift, the Human Data Intelligence provider. This partnership will allow Blogmeter to offer its clients real-time access to the topics and interactions generated by more than 1.6 billion monthly active Facebook users.

Facebook topic data provides content knowledge on topics, specific activities, events and brand names people share on Facebook, while protecting their privacy. Thanks to this partnership, Blogmeter will provide access to richer consumer insights in order to help marketers better understand their audiences and improve their strategies and campaigns. In particular, customers will be provided with Facebook rich demographic data (age, gender, location), complete engagement volumes, such as posts, comments, likes, shares, tags and topic analysis.

Using Facebook topic data, Blogmeter clients will be able to make business decisions in real-time by adding new dimensions to their marketing campaigns, improving product development, expanding brand awareness and managing their brand reputation.

“It’s a great pleasure for us to announce the partnership with DataSift, with which Blogmeter becomes one of the first social media intelligence companies in Italy to offer Facebook topic data,” said Sacha Monotti Graziadei, Chief Executive Officer at Blogmeter. “With Facebook topic data, clients will finally receive demographic data on their key audience, filling the main gap regarding social media intelligence on Facebook today”


“At DataSift, our aim is to give companies the ability to gain insights and real business value from the huge amount of data that is now out there,” said Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift. “Facebook topic data enables organisations to get an in-depth understanding of what people are engaging around and sharing on Facebook in a privacy-safe way. We’re delighted that Blogmeter has joined our partner ecosystem to offer its clients greater intelligence on their market, brand and more.”

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