A little over a year ago, during the IAB 2011 forum, we presented the new proprietary tool, Blogmeter Facebook Analytics. Fifteen months later we are already ready for the second release and excited to announce several new developments.
From Facebook Analytics to Social Analytics 
The Facebook Analytics tool, which at the beginning allowed brands to measure the efficacy of their fan pages, comparing them with the competitive landscape, has recently widened its scope. It has evolved into a more complete Social Analytics tool, also including the measurement of Twitter profile performances

Follower trends, the counting of retweets, mentions and replies are among the metrics monitored. In addition the following will be included:

  • The evaluation of the total engagement generated by monitored profiles, obtained by summing the retweets and replies;
  • Impression assesment, for a comprehensive measurement of the audience reached, obtained by weighing every tweet with the number of followers that the profile has at the moment of publication;
  • Unique authors count that mention profiles in a specific period, to understand the engaged audience’s actual size;
  • The hashtags most frequently used by profiles and by those who mentioned them, to verify the effectiveness of communication strategies and to understand the main topics of a specific industry;
  • The authors that mentioned profiles and those cited by them, with the integrated Klout Score for each one, to allow the identification of the industry’s influencers.

Besides Facebook and Twitter, we plan to include in the tool, Google Plus in the following months.


New look
The new release of Blogmeter Social Analytics shows a renewed user interface, which improves the experience and garantees an optimal navigation. It features an orange and gray color scheme, which is in line with the recently updated logo for Social Analytics by Blogmeter. 



Facebook Engagement Map
In the Facebook competitor section we introduced an Engagement Map that compares the pages selected, positioning them along two axes, representing the total number of fans and the total engagement of the pages. The map shows a complete overview of the results achieved by the industries’ players placing them inside four quarters:


  • leaders: the most effective pages, able to gain and engage their followers more than the others;
  • engagers: pages with a limited number of fans that are, however, able to actively engage them;
  • fan collectors: the fan pages that have obtained several fans but have a low level of interaction;
  • laggards: the pages with a lower performance, those that have a limited number of fans and generate less engagement than the industry’s average.

Pages are represented on the map in the shape of bubbles, whose dimension varies according to the level of activity of the page and measured based on the number of brand posts published during the monitored period.

Facebook Brand Post Lifetime Value 
The new metric, inserted in the pages Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Competitors , in the section Activity, evaluates the duration of the brand post’s life cycle, measuring how long they have received comments.

Facebook Ranking by Country
From now on it will be possible to monitor your performance by comparing the page positioning in accordance to all the main metrics (i.e. fans number, total engagement, response time) to the wide landscape of pages monitored by Blogmeter. Not only can you see whether your page is first, third or tenth for a specific metric among the monitored competitors, but also how the page ranks for the same metric on a national level. 


Saving of pages and profiles groups
Another new feature is the possibility to analyze saved groups of Facebook pages and Twitter profiles, within the sections Facebook Competitor and Twitter Competitor. This can be useful in particular for those who conduct frequent analyses on a high number of pages and profiles, belonging to multiple industries and markets.

Lastly, two further developments:

  • A significant improvement in the platform pages and metrics loading speed, that offers a considerably enhanced user experience;
  • The introduction of the most recent release notes, located in the top right of the platform, keeping you up-to-date on the latest developments of the tool.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information on the new features that Social Analytics by Blogmeter has to offer. Get started by requesting your free trial!