“You can get inspired from a magazine, yes, but you can also be inspired from a website, from a street-style blogger, from what people post on Instagram” quoting Eva Chen, director of fashion partnership at Instagram, who some weeks ago drew a list of 10 models to keep an eye on in the 2018. The chosen ones are very different from one another, but with one thing in common: the uniqueness.

We have decided to analyse the social performances of the up-and-comer models through our tool Blogmeter Social Influencer considering the last 4 months, from September 1st to December 31st 2017 on Instagram.

First place in terms of engagement goes to Duckie Thot who had an incredible 2017: protagonist of Pirelli calendar and face of Fenty Beauty cosmetics realized by Rihanna, Duckie is now one of the most wanted models in the world and many have named her Naomi Campbell’s heir. In the last 4 months she has got 5.3M interactions posting 88 times, much more than the other influencers in the list. The most engaging post is of November 23rd and consists in a bikini shot which obtains 175.5K of total engagement.

Living my best life

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Second place for Leomie Anderson, born in the 1993, who has been walking the runways for a few years, including Victoria’s Secret’s one. In the last months she published 127 posts on Instagram reaching 955.6K interactions. Unsurprisingly the most engaging post is a pic of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2017 published on November 20th.

Two curve models and body positive activists for the third and fourth places, Paloma Elsesser and Sonny Turner. The young models get respectively 617.4K and 422.4K interactions, mostly thanks to pics showing their bodies and those details commonly considered imperfections, going beyond their insecurities and becoming role models for all those girls struggling to accept and love themselves. An example is Sonny Turner’s most engaging shot proudly showing stretchmarks covered with colorful glitter that obtains 59K interactions.

I am so incredibly inspired and amazed by these beautiful #glitterstretchmarks far too often women AND men are made to feel insecure about stretch marks. Typically they are something that are seen to be needed to be covered up. In actual fact they are a normal and common thing that are not an indicator of health. I’m so happy people are finally seeing the beauty in them and more of us are gathering the courage to embrace them. ANY ONE can grow stretch marks and ANY BODY with them deserves to live with them at peace. Thanks to more artists like @sarashakeel and media outlets not photoshopping models the world is finally coming to terms with them. They are NORMAL and they are BEAUTIFUL #everybodyisbeautiful

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Luma Grothe occupies the fifth position with 323.6K total engagement in the 4 months analysed. The Brazilian model is a Victoria’s Secret angel and face of L’Oreal and Paco Rabanne campaigns, and she does not post much: from September to December she has posted 36 times, a post every 3 days.

Anok Yai is even less active with only 17 posts published in the period, but thanks to a total engagement of 291.3K she occupies the sixth place. The girl stepped in the spotlight only recently: she has been discovered by chance last October when a pic of her attending a college event was posted on social media and was extremely successful, leading the 19-year-old to sign a contract with Next Models agency.

Big thank you to @thesunk for capturing this moment. Amazing photographer. Couldn’t be happier

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Seventh and eighth place for the two Koreans of the list, Sora Choi and HoYeon Jung, who get respectively 278.5K and 247.1K interactions, fighting over the title of Korea’s fashion queen.

At the bottom of the list we find the models Sabina Karlsson and Oumie Jammeh. The first of the two gets 30,2K interactions during the 4 months analysed and she became body positive model and activist after being a model struggling to keep her weight down: followed by 37.4K users, she is not very active, having published only 18 posts from September to December. Her most engaging pic? That exalting her beautiful and unique freckles.

Freckle Sisters @jcrew #jcrew #freckles

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To conclude, with a total engagement of 27.9K there is Oumie Jammeh who has already walked runways all over the world, being model for Miu Miu, Valentino, Givenchy and Altuzarra: who knows what will happen in 2018!