This week we have carried out a study on the engagement of Facebook Pages to identify the Top Ten most engaging Facebook Pages in the Cosmetics industry in the month of March according to the Total Engagement index (the index is the sum of fan posts, fan comments, likes).

On top of the list there is the Bath & Body Work fan page, that is enlivened by polls and contests. The peak in the fans activity is on March 21st,  thanks to a contest that asks the fans to recognize some fragrances. Answers keep coming in, even after the official conclusion of the contest, causing the other fans’ complaints (e.g. PEOPLE THE CONTEST IS FREAKING OVER!!!!!!!!!! ).

Women’s Day, the hot topic of the month, is also what animates the page of Sensational Maybelline that asks fans to publish the picture of the woman who inspired them the most. More than 50 fans shared their pictures and, among them, the most inspiring woman turns out to be their own mother. Moreover, we have also found a few peaks of likes in the following days when the brand offers its advice on hairstyle, braids in particular, and eyeliner.

Also the Brazilian page of L’Oreal Paris is extremely active during the Women’s Day week when, L’Oréal requested women to write on the page wall “why being a woman is worth it”, inspired by its claim.

Another Brazilian brand O’Boticário, is in fourth position, thanks to the various activities carried out during the month: the page gains more than 30 thousand new fans on March 8th when several posts, videos and photos are published to celebrate Women’s Day. On the same day we observed the highest peak of likes. On March 22nd attention soars thanks to a few brand posts that remember old perfumes lines launched over the years. It’s also interesting to note that the page does not allow its fans to publish and share contents on the wall, but only to comment and like brand contents.

The American page of Maybelline NY succeeds in keeping the activity at a high level during the whole month thanks to a two-weeks contest that puts as a prize a 2 years worth of Maybelline products. There is a peak of more than 40 thousand likes on March 22nd when the brand simply asks: ‎””Like” this post if you’re wearing a Maybelline mascara today. Which one?”

MAC Cosmetics intrigues its fans with the Fashion Weeks backstage images of MAC make-up looks. Users comment enthusiastically both outfits and make up and ask details on the products used to create them.

Mary Kay is able to increase fan participation with easy questions and polls on beauty, personal preferences and experiences with make-up (e.g. Which lipstick and lip gloss duo is your favorite? We’re looking for the ultimate “power pair”!) turning the page into a real community, that fans use to find Mary Kay consultants and MK experts to introduce themselves. A peak was also found at the beginning of March when the news of products tests on animals in China is published: fans protest and declare their disappointment.

Sephora’s page activity rises at the proposal of adding an in-store treatment to the usual birthday gift but also, at the end of the month, in correspondence with the co-branding with Pantone for a make-up line inspired by the color of the year, Tangerine Tango.

Also Carol’s Daughter keeps its activity levels high during the entire month thanks to daily quotes, that sweep from Oprah to Mother Teresa, that fans often “like”. It is interesting to notice that on the page fans also ask for advice  on beauty problems that are often left unanswered.

In tenth position we found OPI, the nail-polish brand. Female users publish on the page wall the pictures of their polished nails and like and comment the colors suggested by the brand. In addition, works and contests held on OPI’s website find room on the Facebook page.

In spite of the nature of the considered products the prevailing content type is the status update, with the only exception of O’Boticário that populates its wall mainly with images, forbidding users spontaneous contributions.

It is interesting to notice that celebrated brands like Dove, Chapstick, Clinique did not make it in the Top Ten because of their scarce ability to involve users, and also to see brands like Sephora, MAC, and L’Oréal Paris Brazil, overtaken by other fan pages with a higher engagement index.