The edition 92 of Pitti Immagine Uomo, the most important International event for menswear and men accessories collections, ends today in Florence. We monitored the online global performance of the four-day event considering its official hashtags and keywords. Discover all the social numbers!

Over 76K total posts for this edition of Pitti Uomo (25% more than last year), with a peak of messages during the second day (June 14), and Instagram as the source which gathered the highest number of posts (89%), followed by Twitter (7,6%). In terms of engagement instead, the event generated almost 4M interactions on social media.  

The most successful hashtag was #pittiuomo which collected 22,3K posts, followed by the hashtags #florence (6,8K mentions) and #fashion (6,4K). The other official hashtags, #pittiuomo92 and #pu92 generated respectively 5,5K and 4,2K total posts, while #boompittiblooms was mentined 2,4K times by users on social media. Here’s a cloud of the most popular hashtags used during the event. 

The unique authors who have posted and commented Pitti Uomo on social media were 37,8K: most of them were men (57,5%), while the 42,5% were women.
The most engaging author was the Instagram profile of New York Times Fashion which published 51 posts and comments, gaining 205K interactions.

With our tool Social Influencer, we also identified all the influencers who during the analysis period mentioned the hashtags and keywords of the event. The top influencer was the Italian model and TV personality Federica Nargi, who totalized 96K interactions with only one post, the most engaging of Pitti Uomo 92. Among the other top 5 engagers, we find various bloggers such as Kadu Dantas, Bryan Boy and Giulia Gaudino, and another model Cristina Buccino. 

The fashion brands, which during #Pitti, obtained the best performance in terms of engagement were Christian Louboutin (55,8K interactions), which engaged users with its special sporting event #CLLovesPitti and Tommy Hilfiger (50,8K interactions) with its collection #TommySpring18. 

Finally, the Instagram profile of Pitti Immagine produced 45K interactions with its 66 total posts.
Here’s its top content: 

BOOM PITTI BLOOMS What do you think about the theme of this edition? #pittiuomo92 #pu92 #boompittiblooms

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