Last day for Pitti Uomo 93, the world’s most important event for men’s clothing and accessory collections. We have monitored the global social performance of the four-day event with our Social Listening tool: keep on reading to find out all the numbers of the event!

This edition has recorded over 4.7M interactions over 94,9K posts published (22,6% more than Pitti Uomo June’s edition), with a peak of 1.7M of engagement on the third day of the event, January 11th. Analysing the sources, Instagram appears to be the most used platform to talk about the event gathering 87,9% of total posts; considering the engagement, we can also see that basically all the interactions are coming from this channel with a significant 98,5% of interactions, followed by Facebook with 49,8K interactions.

The unique authors who talked about Pitti Uomo on social media have been 26,1K: most of them are men (56,3%), while the 43,7% are women. The most engaging author is the Instagram profile of New York Times Fashion which published 41 posts and comments, gaining 193,6K interactions. Among its posts, the top ones are the pic of Lawrence von Mohl – Head of Menswear at Copenhagen International Fashion Fair –  arriving at the event and the stylist Alessandro Enriquez presenting his An Italian Theory FW 18/19 collection photographed by Lee Oliveira.

Using our tool Blogmeter Social Influencer we have also identified the event’s top influencers who have published posts mentioning official hashtags or keywords. The most active and engaging one is the fashion blogger Andrea Melchiorre who posted 16 posts obtaining 160,1K total engagement, followed by the model Cecilia Rodriguez and TV personality Beatrice Valli. The YouTuber Stefano Lepri and the blogger Giulia Gaudino close the ranking.

To conclude, Pitti’s official accounts have posted 564 times reaching 62,6K interactions. Here’s the top content:

Ready for #pittiuomo #pu93 #day2! @vincenzo_grillo

Un post condiviso da Pitti Immagine (@pittimmagine) in data:

Methodology: The analysis, realized with the Social Listening and Social Influencer tools, considers all posts and interactions in all languages ​​on the main social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and forums, blogs, news websites and reviews related to Pitti Uomo 93. We considered all the messages containing the Pitti Uomo keywords and the hashtags #pittiuomo, #pittiuomo93 and #pu93.