the new tool
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on social media.

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Over the past five years, Influencer Marketing has become a proper paid media, able to that can attract even more investment by brands and companies. Not by chance, 84% of marketers declared tha in the next 12 months intend to plan a campaign of Influencer Marketing, while 96% said that involving an Influencer is a business that can increase brand awareness (Forbes, 2017 ). However, the criteria for selection of an influencer have  become increasingly more complex over time, exactly as those for the choice of a schedule or to the classical communication activities.

The constantly growing Influencer database of more than 2,500 Italian and international profiles was built by a social media analyst team who have selected influencers on the basis of their authority on over twenty industry including fashion, beauty, food, tech, automotive to name a few.

With the new tool it will be possible to identify, with a few clicks, the right influencer based on some indicators: the relevance on the market, the age, the category of published content, the language used. Not only: thanks to the new instrument it will possible to analyze Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube performance in an aggregate manner, also checking what content have generated more interaction in the analysis period. You will there identify the right influencers for your campaign, in fact, given that our database includes mainstream and niche celebrities. It will be possible to evaluate influencers who through their social profiles generate most engagement with their users.

Finding the right influencers for a brand has become complex. No matters how much a marketing campaign is big or small, in which category or in what part of the world it tries to reach its audience. Brands and agencies know that identifing the right influencers is an extremely time-consuming and often subjective process – says Paola Nannelli, Head of Influencer Marketing – so we have created a versatile tool that by measuring objective KPIs allows insiders and not, to choose the right influencers on the basis of the type of campaign, the sector and the objectives to achieve. It’s not just bloggers, but also celebrities, socialites, chef, video-makers, designers and photographers: all people to involve, each with their own specificity, those most proficient in the content creation and those who is better able to encourage their audience to interact with the brand.”

With the launch of the new tool a new observatory will open to identify the top influencers in key sectors in order to help marketers in the implementation of effective influencer marketing campaigns. The researches will be published on our website

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