Download now the summary report for free! The research wants to investigate: what is the perception of Made in Italy abroad? What kind of values are associated? And which are the values already known and which the ones to aim at? In order to answer these questions, Blogmeter realized an integrated research providing not only numbers but also marketing insights to Italian companies.

The study has been realized using two different sources: on the one hand Blogmeter analyzed 4 million conversations in English language; on the other hand it developed an online survey to be filled by individuals from five different countries: UK, Germany, France, USA and Russia.

What you will find in the complete report:

  • The language of Made in Italy: how people talk about made in italy on social media? Which terms are usually associated?
  • Sectors more represented: what are the most discussed sectors related to made in Italy on social media? And what about the survey?
  • Country-specific differences: what is the vision of made in Italy in each analyzed country?
  • Brand values: what are the brand values associated to made in Italy? Are there any differences between social and survey?
  • Territories: the most mentioned cities and regions related to made in Italy on social media
  • Italian ambassadors: who are the personalities that comes to mind thinking about made in Italy?

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